Secrets of Bonding 145: “You Can’t Fit Ten Pounds of Stuff In A Five Pound Bag”

You apperceive that old announcement about jamming in too much. It’s true, and it applies to Aggressiveness Bonding like aggregate else. “You can’t fit ten pounds of being in a 5 batter bag.”

Check this out:

“Here’s what we’ll do: We will affair a $500,000 arrangement and band it. Then, already the aggressiveness is on board, we’ll affair an accession for an added $500,000. The aggressiveness will automatically awning it and we’ll accept the $1 actor band we couldn’t get in the aboriginal place!”

Would that in fact work? Yes, often it could because abounding P&P bonds accompaniment that they will automatically awning increases in the arrangement amount.

The aggressiveness finds themselves bonding a arrangement above than originally advised – perhaps able-bodied above their abundance level. Sound underhanded? It could be and it happens in multi-million dollar amounts.

This book can aswell appear up aback – in an innocent way. The arrangement has a ample access and the band gets pulled along. Either way, the advocate is captivation an obligation far in balance of their approval amount.

It’s the sureties own accountability for acceptance this to happen, right? Uh, no! If underwriters bent assimilate this practice, they added a band action advertence that increases of added than a assertive allotment (i.e. 10%) require the above-mentioned accounting accord of the surety. No added chargeless ride. No added 5 batter bag. If the arrangement is added in abuse of this condition, the band can be invalidated. That’s a big deal.

So you can’t jam a ten actor dollar arrangement into a 5 actor dollar bond, but is there a accustomed approach? One that does not breach the accord with the underwriter? Yes!

One advantage is to affair a phased contract. The $10 actor arrangement has appearance one for $5 million, and a $5 actor band is issued. If the plan is completed and accustomed by the obligee, the band is formed advanced to the next phase. In this manner, the band is never account added than $5 million, but it covers every allotment of a $10 actor arrangement – just not all at the aforementioned time.

This adjustment enables the arch (contractor) to amplitude their accommodation to awning a above contract, and prevents the aggressiveness from accepting to backpack a $10 actor acknowledgment at any one time. The obligee still get a activity that is 100% covered: win / win / win!

Another abstraction would be to affair assorted affairs (if suitable) and band them sequentially. This address can be acclimated if the attributes of plan is such that it can be logically divided, such as assorted buildings. A abstracted band is issued for anniversary contract.


Bonding companies intend to automatically awning accessory increases in the arrangement amount. But if a big accession is considered, they are advantaged to exercise acumen over their exposure.

With accessible communications, there can be solutions area above projects are affirmed after risking non-compliance with the altitude of the bond.